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Note: Layers are contributed from many sources by many people or derived by computer and are the responsibility of the contributor. Layers may be incomplete and locations and dates may be imprecise. Check the layer for details about the source. Absence in TLCMap does not indicate absence in reality. Use of TLCMap may inform heritage research but is not a substitute for established formal and legal processes and consultation.

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“A long time ago, this land was flat and there were no hills and the water was way, way out. Those two islands were two snakes that were guardians of the land. They were brothers, one island was the older brother and the other was the younger brother. The older brother used to teach the younger brother how to look after the land, make sure he knew what to do, make sure the waters were clean for the birds, make sure there was enough food around. Then in turn he would be fed. You see you look after the land and the land will feed you back. But the young fellow wanted to play all day, play, play, play, then he would go and get food off the old brother. One day the older brother said; ‘no I’ve had enough of you, you are not getting any more food’. So the next day the older brother went around cleaning the water, looking after the birds, then he curled around the eggs, so he kept them to himself and went to sleep. The younger brother sneaked up, swallowed some of the eggs and as he grabbed the other eggs the older brother woke up. He couldn’t let him get away with that, so he flogged him, they fought and as they fought, they rolled around and round.” - Carol Pettersen