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Heerlen ,, Netherlands
Sanne Mestrom is an installation artist based in Melbourne. She was born in 1979. Mestrom graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours (Fine Art) in 2000 (RMIT University, Melbourne). In 2008, she received a PhD in Fine Art from RMIT University. Mestrom’s practice is as experimental as it is conceptual. She places before her audience a metaphor: a creative expression for a particular concept. Materials are transposed or transcended and her artworks become a series of experiments and questions about meaning and belief. What do we know as fact? What are our truths? What knowledge and experience do we share? She explores the delicate and liminal spaces within this ontological study that harbour instability, uncertainty and doubt. In a 2010 group exhibition titled 'The Nothing’, Mestrom displayed two weighted, floating balloons within the gallery space. The balloons set up an encounter between chance and control, the random and the bounded. Mestrom has exhibited in Australia and internationally. Her solo exhibitions include: 'Things fall down. Sometimes we look up.’ (Chalk Horse Gallery); 'Certain Sacrifices’ (RMIT School of Art Gallery); 'A history of space is the history of wars’ (Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington); and 'Passing through’ (ARI, Auckland). Among her group exhibitions are: 'The Nothing’ (Chalk Horse); 'Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’ (Nellie Castan Gallery); 'De Architectura’ (MARS Gallery, Melbourne); 'An ideal for living’ (Linden Gallery); and 'Rembrandts: Nine Installations’ (RMIT Architecture, Urban Architecture Laboratory). Mestrom has been the recipient of the Arts Victoria Creation Grant, in 2007 and 2009. In 2007, she also received the Arts Victoria International Grant. Writers: Chalk Horse amyk Date written: 2010 Last updated: 2011
b. 1979
Sanne Mestrom is a contemporary artist. Her practice is both experimental and conceptual.
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