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"Starlight was my great, great, great grandmother. She was born just east of Kapagup on the banks of Deep Creek in Nornalup. She had a relationship and children with a settler called Samuel Piggott." (Samuel Piggott, according to the archives, was born in Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom in 1819 and came Western Australia as a soldier in the 51st regiment. He was stationed at York then at Albany. When in Albany in 1847 he married Lily Waters and they had twelve children. In 1849 his regiment was replaced, and it is possible that it was then that he settled on land along the Hay River). "Samuel Piggott was a naughty boy, he led my great, great, great grandmother astray. In those days land was being given to white settlers for farming, they were killing off the kangaroo and smaller animals that had been the major source of food for Nyoongars. Nyoongars had to work for settlers for food. Also there was a shortage of white women. It was not unusual for Nyoongar women to be raped or 'employed' by white men. It was very rare for white men to marry Nyoongar women, when they did they were usually punished by white society. It was rare for white men to take care of the children they made with Nyoongar woman. "There are two reasons why, in our family, we think that Samuel Piggott and Starlight loved each other. Starlight, is a very unusual name for a Nyoongar woman, we think that Samuel called her Starlight as a term of endearment. Samuel acknowledged the children, he helped to raise them, even though his wife didn't know about them. My great, great grandmother was one of those children. She grew up on the Hay River on land he farmed. Her name was Maggie Starlight." - Aden Eades