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Location notes
Though Leake would have been in various parts of Perth regularly for different business and roles (see biographical information), we have a specific record of him being present at the Hodges Hotel on 18 May 1837. [12] According to the Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians, the Hodges Hotel was built 'on John Hodges' land Perth Town Lot L7, near Esplanade at foot of William St.' [8, p 1497]
Date notes
On 18 May 1837 Leake was recorded at a meeting of the Provisional Commitee and proprietors of the Bank of Western Australia. [12]
Biographical information
Leake held various roles relating to colonial administration, politics and business. He financed many colonists in the early years during financial struggle. He was one of the founders and original directors of the Bank of Western Australia, established in 1837. In 1839 he was appointed a magistrate of the territory, a chairman of the Perth Town Trust, a commissioner to act as guardian to emigrant minors sent out by the Children's Friend Society, and a member of the Legislative Council (the latter position he held until his death). He was also an early director of the Agricultural Society and chairman of the General Roads Trust. He died on 31 May 1849. [1]
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Newspaper notice of Leake's presence at Bank of Western Australia meeting at Hodges Hotel, Perth:
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