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After delays due to bad weather, the James Pattison arrived at Walyalup (Fremantle) on Tuesday 19 August 1834. [8,9, 10] In a letter to Elizabeth Capel Carter dated 27 August, Bussell writes: 'Perplexed and worried as I am in landing and collecting my property and the ships on the point of [sinking/sailing?] I snatch a moment to say we arrived safe and well. We are now at Fremantle with the McDermots and were to have been conveyed to Perth to day to stay with Lady Stirling till the arrival of the Colonial Schooner which is to embark us for Augusta.' [11]
Links to slavery
In her letter to Elizabeth Capel Carter on 27 August 1834, Bussell writes: 'We left Atwood at the King Georges Sound, he said he could not consent to be a slave but he has adopted a more severe slavery than he would have found with us, he is adopted into the family of a Mr Sherat a merchant & farmer, of course I could not refuse the subscribers the £20 as it had been expended on his account but if his friends think it right they must accept it by instalments from the little fund I left under your direction, it will take 4 years to do it in. I said I should [wait?] on his fulfilling his engagement to which he replied [? page torn] that I could not that he was not indentured by his lawful guardian. I was sorry to leave him but it was unavoidable, I must furnish other particulars at some more leisure (sic) time.' [11]
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Newspaper notice advising of delays to James Pattison: Newspaper notice advising of James Pattison arrivals: Newspaper notice advising of Bussell's arrival:
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