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We do not know the exact date that Elmslie returned to England, however records state that he was 'Of Kennington Street, Vauxhall, for the baptism of Alice May (born 1835) and Alexis Gordon (born 1838) in Lambeth in 1842.' [1] We have used an estimate of mid-1842.
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Elmslie struggled in the colony - financially, physically and emotionally. In his letter to James Elmslie Esquire, dated 10 March 1831, he writes 'As far as I have observed, the conclusion I draw is that if I had a little money & had laid myself out for business on Peel's failure, I should have done well. But I see you are altogether for agriculture. Stick to the plough you say. And so I will, if I can get a plough to stick to with a team of bullocks and other things indispensable for a farm. But time wears away apace and there is still to be endured the heartbreaking separation from my wife & children. My constant reflections & anxiety about them keep me in such a state of agitation and at times throw me into such unspeakable agony of mind, that I am sure I cannot much longer endure it. I suffer, from this cause, most dreadfully in my health I am never well many days together. And I am in dread continually of another attack of the complaint which almost carried me off last year, as I have frequent symptoms & slight touches of it. Medicine does me no good, except of a restorative kind after I have subdued the complaint by starvation, my favourite remedy, and am become weak. Nevertheless I am obliged to get through a great deal of hard work, having no servant, such as hewing & bringing home wood for fuel, fetching water, & a good deal of other household work, especially when Arthur [his son] is from home, which he is frequently obliged to be in search of game & fish at both of which occupations he is very expert.' [6] Elsmlie seems to have returned to England in the mid-1800s. Records state he was 'Of Kennington Street, Vauxhall, for the baptism of Alice May (born 1835) and Alexis Gordon (born 1838) in Lambeth in 1842.' [1]
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