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"About half a mile from the hut we found James lying dead. We found to large spears sticking in his body, and stomach cut open and th inside taken away. His clothes were torn and his hat taken away. He had also several severe cuts on th head with a blunt instrument. I have no doubt Jones was killed by blacks... A few blacks have been seen about the station but they did not come near... The blacks have been very troublesome lately. The day before the murder was committed they took a flock away from one of the shepherds, and when the flock was found the day following there were four sheep short. Also on the same day several blacks came to one of the huts and took the bedding and a sheep which was kept at the door for killing. I do not know any of the blacks who have committed these depredations." p335 Shepherd speared on Bowman's station in Cannon, Michael (ed.) Historical Records of Victoria Vol 2A The Aborigines of Port Phillip 1835-1839, Melbourne: Victorian Government Printing Office 1982



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"In 1837 William Bowman took up Sutton Grange Station at Mount Alexander close to present-day Castlemaine and had as his neighbour, William Henry Yaldwin of Barfold station near Kyneton."