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Location notes
We have selected this location as it is the site of Henry Bull's cottage, which sat within Leake's 15,000 acre land grant (see 'Biographical information')
Date notes
We are yet to obtain the original land grant to check the date Leake officially started occupying this land. This date is therefore an estimate.
Biographical information
Leake had considerable wealth - he came to the colony with six servants and property valued at £1,116/10/4, and so was granted nearly 15,000 acres of land. [1] He was later granted 10,000 and 20 acres. [8] A report by the Heritage Council of Western Australia explains that rather than immediately residing and working on his first 15,000 land grant, 'Swan Location 1', Leake instead lived and worked in Fremantle while newfound partner Henry Bull worked on the land: 'In July 1831, he formed a partnership with Henry Bull in which Bull would improve Leake's grant in return for half of it. In this way, Leake could ensure that the necessary improvements were made on the property within the stipulated four year period in order to gain title to the land.' [9, p 4] It was on this land that Bull built what is today known as Henry Bull's cottage. [9] In 1836 Leake and Bull dissolved their partnership, and in 1838 Leake transferred title of half the land (7443 acres) to Bull. Leake kept the southern portion for himself, including the house and the mill. [9]
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