NameConvict Landscapes - Australia and Norfolk Island

This multilayer represents some of the spatial data collected as part of the Landscapes of Production and Punishment - Mapping Convict Landscapes project, a multi-disciplinary investigation exploring the industrial and spatial basis of the convict system in Australia. The project has been collecting information on the location of places of convict  accommodation (barracks, depots and stockades), incarceration (gaols and prisons), labour (work places and public works) and control (early court houses, police stations, military barracks). This spatial information will provide the basis of tracing the flow of goods and people (convicts, administrators and military) through the convict system, as well as allow us to track the locations of offences and which places convicts were absconding from.  

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Subject convict, convict site, convict place, police station, military barrack, court house, court proclaimed, pensioner guard barracks, pensioner guard settlement, convict station, convict stockade, convict gang, convict farm
CreatorMartin Gibbs and Richard Tuffin
PublisherUniversity of New England
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Gibbs, M. and R. Tuffin 2022 Convict Landscapes: Locating Australia's Convicts, 1788-1868 - Australia and Norfolk Island. 'Landscapes of Producton and Punishment'.  University of New England.

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