NameSouth Road War

Following the Wiradjuri Homeland Wars ('Bathurst Wars'), and the explorations of Mitchell, Hume and Hovell, in the midst of the Tasmanian genocide, settlers from Tasmania (Lutruwita/Van Diemen's Land) established Melbourne. The overland route between Sydney and Melbourne was one of three major inland roads in the colony extending north, west and south from Sydney. The south road is now known as the Hume Highway. Aboriginal groups along the south road were connected by traditional travel and trade routes and regularly came together at corroborees for ceremonies and to settle disputes and so were well equipped to coordinate action across large areas. 'Overlanders' herding sheep to establish squatting runs encountered guerilla resistance from Aboriginal people along the full extent of the road in Waywurru country, Yorta Yorta, Bangerang, Taungurung, Dja Dja Wurrung and the Kulin Nation (Victoria). Colonists retreated and reinforcements of mounted police failed to find any of the warriors for some time. Merriman, with his brother Harlequin, are regarded as among the leaders in this part of the resistance. Raids were primarily targetted at colonist's logistics and economics - ie: driving off and killing sheep, raiding stores and burning grain. Killings of colonists were mostly targeted at individuals according to Aboriginal law, such as killing people, rape and abduction of women, violating sacred places and protocol, or damaging economic resources, such as food and water. This began the most intense decade of violence in the Australian wars with fighting throughout the south east and south west of the continent.

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Includes information on violence in the history of colonisation, and links to primary sources that may contain racist attitudes and language.
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