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DescriptionMaterial on the Golin language (PNG) resulting from a field methods course at the University of Melbourne
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This collection results from a Linguistic Field Methods course taught in the Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne in the first semester of 2003, which focused on the Golin language, and was made possible by the helpful and insightful participation of Chris Kia Aina, a speaker of Golin residing in Melbourne while studying at Victoria University of Technology. Participants in the course were third and fourth year undergraduate students in linguistics. The enthusiasm of the participants was such that we decided to put together a collective volume, even though it goes without saying that after a mere semester’s work on any language the findings must be regarded as provisional only. Nonetheless, there is so little available on Golin – basically just Gordon Bunn’s (1974) grammar, written in a tagmemic framework, plus a short article by Gordon and Ruth Bunn on Golin phonology – that we thought it would be useful to make these materials more widely available. Two students in the course – Robyn Loughnane and Hywel Stoakes – were able to take their investigations further by making aspects of Golin the focus of their fourth-year minor honours theses. In addition, it was possible for a number of the authors here to do some further checking of selected details with Kia in the eighteen months between the end of the Field Methods course and the publication of this collection. Some of the materials here are pdf versions of this book: Nicholas Evans, Jutta Besold, Hywel Stoakes and Alan Lee (eds) 2005. Materials on Golin: Grammar, texts and dictionary. Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, The University of Melbourne. The book was produced with a CD and the CD contents are presented in this archival set. The CD notes follow. This CD is an Audio CD that can be played on conventional CD players | and also a Data CD that can be accessed by both PC and Mac computers. | | Data (TRACK 1): | | Audio Files for Tonology Chapter (1) | 3.2.1_Monosyllables | 3.2.1 Monomoraic | 3.2.2 DiMoraic | 3_Diagrams | 3.2.3_Disyllables | | Appendix_OtherAudioFiles | Read "1Readme2nd" for instructions | | Golin texts in BWF | 00 Introduction | 01 Clan Grouping | 02 Fire Taboo Text | 03 Salt Water | 05 A Chief Goes to Speak | 08 Festive Cooking | 09 Big Man Imitation Speech | 10 Walking to School One | 11 Pencils | 12 Initiation | 14 Walking to School Two | 15 Ancestors | 16 Bomai Poison | | Book PDF | 0 Cover | 1 Title Page | 2 Colour Plates | 3 Body Text | | Dictionary Files (Shoebox) | (Shoebox Files for "Shoebox" - | | ---------------------------------------------------- | | Audio Tracks | | Track 2 Introduction | Track 3 Clan Grouping | Track 4 Fire Taboo Text | Track 5 Salt Water | Track 6 A Chief Goes to Speak | Track 7 Festive Cooking | Track 8 Big Man Imitation Speech | Track 9 Walking to School One | Track 10 Pencils | Track 11 Initiation | Track 12 Walking to School Two | Track 13 Ancestors | Track 14 Bomai Poison | CD Compiled by Hywel Stoakes | Copyright | The Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics | The University of Melbourne | Parkville Victoria 3010 | Australia | 2005 |

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