Basic Statistics

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Statistic Value Unit
Total Places
291 -
232955.1221153 km2
Convex Hull
POLYGON((-4.945940579 50.54262512,-4.33743172 57.67234811,0.786525967 52.37321683,0.418711598 51.39412429,-0.611158183 50.98804373,-1.713459296 50.73792792,-4.945940579 50.54262512)) -
0.0012491676394905 places/km2
POINT(-1.026754512347079 51.86817837659785) -
Bounding Box
POLYGON((-4.945940579 50.54262512,-4.945940579 57.67234811,0.786525967 57.67234811,0.786525967 50.54262512,-4.945940579 50.54262512)) -
Most Central Place
Mercurius coelestis: being an almanack for the year of the worlds redemption, 1682. : And of its creation according to the best of history, 5631. It being the second after bissextile, or leap-year. In which is contained matter and things suitable to such a subject, - as eclipses, a general judgment on the year, the rising and setting of the sun, monthly observations both in verse and prose. With other things. Astronomically and astrologically considered. Calculated for the meridian of London. (London : Printed by J.D. for the Company of Stationers, [1682]) -
Most Distant Place from center
Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland. : From the dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II. until the sea-battle off La Hogue. (Edinburgh: : Printed for W. Strachan and T. Caddell, London; and A. Kincaid & J. Bell, & J. Balfour, Edinburgh.) -
  • Average Distance from Centroid: 85.933201842585
  • Average Distance from Centroid / Area of Convex Hull: 0.00036888307525624